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August 1, 2011
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Chapter One
           ~Enter: Mosome [moe-so-may]

A powerful blast came from the heart of the forbidden forest, uprooting more than a few trees that had been caught within it. A figure was hovering over the blast, his eyes scanning the area carefully for any sign of life. He saw no apparent evidence, and he floated down towards the ground to search some more, knowing his target wasn't that easy to dispose of. He watched carefully, and braced himself for an attack from behind.


He frowned, and landed on the burnt ground, looking around a bit confused. No way his target had been killed, she was far too clever to be caught in such a simple attack.

Without warning, a hand grabbed his ankle from below the ground, and a filthy adolescent girl leaped out of the dirt and spun him around into a tree, causing it to snap, "Just one freaking day! All I wanted was one freaking day to chill out and then you show up!" she growled. Her deep brown, almost black eyes were narrowed into a lethal glare.

The boy looked at her, seeming unharmed by her attack, and he spun his body and kicked her in the side of her ribcage with enough force to make a lung collapse on itself, "You shouldn't leave yourself open. It can be deadly." His mouth turned into a twisted grin, enjoying the sound of her pained gasp since it so rarely occurs in their fights. His head was suddenly snapped to the right with a hard punch that made him lose a tooth, and the girl smirked this time, "You shouldn't leave yourself open, it can be deadly." she mimicked his exact words.

She jammed her knee up into the center of his chest, and brought her fist up under his chin, throwing him upwards and then leaped up towards him before slicing him across the face with her knife. Blood spattered across a tree next to her, and she looked down, seeing now she'd been stabbed just over her pelvis with one of his blades, keeping her locked where she was standing.

The guy looked at her again, blood trickling from the corners of his mouth and he was panting pretty hard, "You know, if you weren't such a b****, I might have let you live." he twitched his blade, sending a shock wave of pain surging through the girls body, causing her to grimace and bite back a yell.

He smirked again, and pulled another blade from his pocket. He brought it towards her in a potentially lethal spot when his arm was stopped by something- the girls hand. She looked up at him, her eyes jet black now, and she grabbed the blade that was stabbed into her with one hand, snapping it. She pulled the remainder of the blade from her body, and slammed it against his chest, causing him to bleed excessively and broke several of his ribs.

He fell to his knees, a hand on his chest, and he looked up at her with a twisted smirk before disappearing into thin air, his voice hanging in the air for a moment, "We'll run into each other again soon... Mosome."

The girl, Mosome, collapsed onto her backside, leaning against a tree with a sigh, her wound starting to heal itself already. She looked down at it, realizing now how bloody she looked, I guess there are some props to being only part human... she thought to herself. She rested for a moment, then stood up and walked towards the nearest village to find a new shirt and some new pants since yet another outfit of hers was ruined beyond repair.

She made it to the village store and got some new clothes, immediately changing into them and walking out after paying. She was headed out of the village when a voice in her head caught her attention, "D***, now I need a new wielder, but who the h*** could replace Maka? She freaking walked out on me though so screw her! That was so not cool -.-' How could she choose living with her mom over hanging with the coolest guy around?!"

Mosome's eyes scanned for the thought pattern that the thought had come from, and walked towards a cafe where a white haired teenage guy was sitting at a table alone, looking seriously peeved. She walked over to him and sat across the table from him, "So, I'm going out on a limb and saying that your name is Soul Eater Evans and you're in need of a wielder, am I correct?" the corner of her mouth twitched up in a half smile.

Soul blinked, staring at her completely confused, "yeah, the names Soul, and how did you know all that exactly?" he raised an eyebrow suspiciously, Oh gawd, not another fan girl ._. He thought to himself.

Mosome frowned, "I am NOT a fan girl. My name is Mosome, it translates in this language to 'clever', and I'm a telepath, who happens to be in need of a weapon that won't break every time I get in a fight."

Soul frowned, "A telepath huh? Bull." He jumped at the sound of Mosome's voice in his head, and her lips weren't moving, "Is it bull now?"

Mosome didn't wait for his reply, "So, what do you say? A good weapon always needs a good wielder, otherwise its useless."

Soul thought for a moment to himself, having forgotten Mosome could actually hear his thoughts, then looked at her, "You have yourself a deal." he smirked, showing his pointed teeth, and held out his hand.

Mosome gave a smug grin, and shook it.
:dummy: I had to do this! I'm such a nerd when it comes to Soul Eater. This is sort of similar to a remake of a roll play that I'd done a while back, but I changed it. A lot.

Mosome (c) to me

Soul (c) to Soul Eater


Chapter 2 ---> [link]


Fan fiction #2 is on the way! this is the prologue of Unforgotten : [link]
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This was an awesome read. I actually don't know much about Soul Eater (probably will never get a chance. To stupid busy >.<) But I enjoyed it a lot. The fight scene was very well described! I Hope to read more of your works in the future! XD
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